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We make more and more special size pieces nowadays to fit specific spaces, should you like one of our standard designs but the size isn't quite right please get in touch and we can work it out together.
This also applies to Windsor chairs too, if you need a seat a little wider, the arm a little longer or prefer the legs of one style and the fret of another for example please let us know.

Please see below a selection of our bespoke pieces.


Lamp table/wine bottle rack.
23 1/4" (59cm) wide x 19 1/4"
(49cm) deep x 22 1/2" (57cm) high. 


River side table in Pippy waney edged
Oak with 10mm toughened glass and
wooden pegs.
20" (51cm) diameter x 18" (46cm) high.


Widescreen TV cabinet with
square panels and tapered feet.
39 1/2" (100cm) wide x 19 1/4" (49cm) deep x 16 1/2" (42cm) high.


Concealed TV corner cabinet
with Gothic panels, engraved stags
and drop front drawer.
43 1/4" (110cm) wide x 26" (66cm)
deep x 38" (97cm) high.


Compact trestle dresser made to
fit alcove.
32 1/4" (82cm) wide x 16" (41cm) deep
x 68 3/4" (175cm) high.


4 cupboard 4 drawer dresser


Tall lamp table.


Trestle side table made to kitchen counter height and with 4 kitchen towel hooks,


Bookcase to hold
79" (200 cm) long
x 14 1/4" (36cm) deep
x 36 1/2" (93cm) high.


3 Seater engraved curved
bench to accompany oval
dining table.
58" (147cm) long x 13" (33cm) wide.


Cutlery drawers available
on request.


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