EW2E Refectory farmhouse extendable.

  • All tables 30" (76cm) high.


    Size options:-

    EW4E 54" (137cm) x 39" (99cm) plus 1/24" (61cm) leaf seats 6-8.

    EW1E 72" (183cm) x 36" (91cm) plus 1/18" (46cm) leaf seats 6-8.

    WEW1E 72" (183cm) x 39" (99cm) plus 1/18" (46cm) leaf seats 6-8.

    EW2E 84" (213cm) x 36" (91cm) plus 2/18" (46cm) leaves seats 8-10.

    WEW2E 90" (229cm) x 39" (99cm) plus 2/18" (46cm) leaves seats 8-10.

    EW3E 90" (229cm) x 39" (99cm) plus 2/24" (61cm) leaves seats 10-12.


    The most popular Batheaston table. Space for 3 dining chairs between the legs. This table looks at its best as shown with a top made in Pippy Oak (P), Pegged and Boarded (BD) and Cleated (C).


    Also available without extensions (Fixed Top).

    Ref: EW1 - 72" (183cm) 36" (91cm)

    Ref: EW2 - 84" (213cm) x 39" (99cm).

  • All prices are based on the standard measurements shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to have any of the other sizes, use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.