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HL5 Refectory table gunbarrel leg with twin stretcher.

  • 72" (183cm) x 36" (91cm) x 29.5" (75cm)high. Also available as HL5L:- 84" (213cm) x 39" (99cm) x 29.5" (75cm).


    These tables are available with 1.25" (3cm) or 1.75" (4.5cm) tops approx. Special lengths up to 120" (305cm) long and 43" (110cm) wide available on request. This style of refectory table can be fitted with 1 or 2 drawers in the side frame. Refectory tables can be made in Pippy Oak (P), Pegged and Boarded (BD) and Cleated (C) - See finishes.

  • All prices are based on the smallest measurements shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to have any of the other sizes, use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.

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