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HL8100S Shield top heavy extendable table with leaf storage

  • Size closed 63" (160cm) x 51" (130cm) - Seats 6-8.

    Size open 81" (206cm) x 51" (130cm) - Seats 10-12.


    Option of second leaf to store separately giving overall size 99" (251cm) x 51" (130cm). Seats 10-14.


    This table is a development of the HL100. It has the advantage of being able to store its own leaf and because of the shield top shape giving 46" (117cm) at the ends it is possible to seat 2 people there as well as 3/4 on the sides.

  • All prices are based on the standard size shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.

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