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HL92T Refectory trestle table

  • HL92T Fixed top:

    84" (213cm) long x 39" (99cm) wide x 30" (76cm) high. 60" (153cm) between legs - seats 8.

    Pictured with a 1.75" (4.5cm) thick top. 

    Also available with a 1.25" (3cm) thick top.


    Other sizes:

    HL91 - 72" (183cm) x 36" (91cm) x 30" (76cm).


    Special sizes up to 120" (305cm) long x 43" (109cm) wide available on request.


    Available with 18" (46cm) extensions. Ref: HL91E & HL92E, see insert shot which also shows this table made with a Pippy Oak top, peg and board detail and breadboard ends (cleats).

  • All prices are based on the standard sizes shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to have any of the other sizes, use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.

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