TL167A Home entertainment chest

  • TL167A:

    2 panels wide

    51" (130cm) long x 25.5" (65cm) deep x 26.5" (67cm) high.Internal size 38" (97cm) long x 18" (46cm) deep x 17" (43cm) high.



    1/3rd larger than TL167A

    64.5" (164cm) long x 25.5" (65cm) deep x 26.5" (67cm) high.

    Internal size 52"(130cm) long 18" (46cm) deep x 17" (43cm) high.


    Internal space can be split and removeable back boards positioned to suit customers own requirements. Front on both models is on hinged slides to open inside and underneath top.

  • All prices are based on the standard sizes shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to have any of the other options/sizes available, use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.