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TL88G Sideboard with 3 cupboards and 4 drawers

  • 60" (152cm) wide x 19" (48cm) deep x 33" (84cm) high.

    3 drawers along the top and 1 drawer and 1 cupboard down the middle.


    Other sizes:

    TL55G has 2 cupboards and 6 drawers. 3 drawers along the top and 3 drawers down the middle.


    All available with Plain (P), Gothic (G) or Dutch Arch (R) panels.

    Left and right door size 20" (51cm) high x 16" (41cm) wide.

    Centre door 16" (41cm) wide x 14" (36cm) high.

    Drawers 16 " (41cm) wide x 16" (41cm) deep x 4.5" (11cm) high.

    Fixed shelf inside left and right cupboards giving 13.5" (34cm) below shelf (bottle height) and 6" (15cm) above shelf.

  • All prices are based on the standard sizes shown and use plain English Oak.

    Should you wish to have any of the other sizes available, use bespoke measurements and/or use Pippy Oak please contact us for a quotation.

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